Weekend at Vic’s and the Waterford Hills Vintage Races 2017

Waterford Hills July Aug 2017

Please drive out to Waterford Hills the first weekend of August, especially Saturday August 5, 2017. That night there is a dinner banquet where Vic will be honored. There is a small cost for the banquet, but well worth it to honor our dear friend.


From the Waterford Hills Website:


“As per what WE think of as tradition, we honor every other year or so, a Prodigal Son Of Waterford Hills. This year, it’s Vic Skirmants’ time in the spotlight. Rest assured, long tales and true stories are sure to be shared. Mark your calendars and spread the gossip. It’s Weekend @ VIC’S (think Weekend at Bernie’s, we can be a silly lot you know)”


We look forward to seeing the Gruppe well represented in the spectator area!







Barb's 70th

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