Pot Luck 2017

New Venue for and Old and Well Loved Event


Mary Liz Curtin Stephen Scannel have always been gracious hosts for our Winter Pot Luck Dinner. Over the years it has been held in their wonderful shop Leon and Lulu but this year we moved next door to their newest venture, the Clawson Theater and what a great venue to hold not just our event, but any kind of indoor event, really. Be sure to stop in when in the area.



We had about 50 people this year, a good sign that we are ready for spring and the advent of the driving season. Be sure to look for an announcement soon about the 2017 Spring Tour, entering its 25th year!





2 thoughts on “Pot Luck 2017

  1. Great Event – as I looked around the room — at observation — majority of the attendees were from the “Original Founders Gruupe ” — where is the youth to continue Faith?

    1. Hi Fred,

      Very true indeed. Not to start trouble, but when the price of our cars skyrocketed the youngsters were left out in the cold. In 1992 my coupe cost me $8,900, somewhat affordable for a late 20 something in those days. Calculating today’s prices and converting into 1992 dollars, I could not have afforded my car at $35,000 back then!

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