Please RSVP for the Harbor Springs / Alden Car Show Weekend!

Hello friends,   I need your RSVP if you are going to Harbor Springs / Alden car show with us.  We are making arrangements for a catered dinner at Dave and Mary Hinz hideout garage in Harbor Springs, so I must have your RSVP so Mary and Dave can order the food.  Friday, August 12, 6 pm  directions to follow after I get your reservation.  I anticipate about $25.00 each for the dinner so please plan ahead to make this easier for all of us.


Thank you!!!!


Dave and Mary Hinz


Alden show 2016 Invitation.jpg

One thought on “Please RSVP for the Harbor Springs / Alden Car Show Weekend!

  1. Hey Sebastian, Cheryl and I are going of course. We registered for the car show and will be driving up with Vic and Barb. We meet them in North Branch 10am Friday morning to caravan on back rounds with them. We hope you and Narmeen will be coming too.

    Here’s a photo of the Dolomites from our hotel room. Just incredible here!

    See you next week.


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