Shades of Pink Zoo Walk 2016 Results

I set up a goal of $2000.00 and we raised $4780.00!!
With special thanks to:  Vic & Lucy Rivera, Tom Gasser, Mike and Mara McNeill, Ted Stanek, Rick Riley, Dave & Diane Burton, Murray Pitt, Dick Beecher, Bill Toburen, Richard Zarbo, Cheryl O’Mara, Harry Kurrie, Janet Downey, Ron Roland, and Fred and Bonnie Sheill, and of course Vic and me.
Barb Skirmants


Above are some very recognizable names to Gruppe members. Also, Chris Zombek was our Ohio 356 friend Ted Zombek’s first wife, and Virginia Dee was my best girl friend in High school, I only found out 3 years ago that she died at age 51 of breast cancer.


Barb and Vic show their support


The 356’s of Barb Skirmants and Dick Zarbo showed up in all of their glory!


Below are the results of the MCG Team, congratulations and thanks to all who participated.

Team Members                                              Total Raised
General Team Donation                              $1,595
Harry Kurrie                                                    $80
Vic Skirmants                                                  $35
Janet Downey                                                  $135
Cheryl O’Mara                                                 $35
Ronald B. Roland                                            $100
Bonnie Sheill                                                    $50
Fred Sheill                                                         $50
Barbara Skirmants                                        $1,310
Richard Zarbo                                                 $1,305


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