Spring Tour to The White Horse Inn

By Dave Preston. Photos by the author and David Peterson

This year’s Spring Tour was a bit different as it took place in the northern part of the Detroit metro area.

We started out at a really fancy McDonalds in Rochester Hills, which was our rendezvous point, and many of the attendees took advantage of the exceptional buffet that McDonald’s had ready for us. 



Right on schedule, we drove about 30 minutes due east to the Packard Proving Grounds site in Shelby Township where two very qualified tour guides took us back to the 1920s and provided us with a rich history of the Packard Proving Grounds. There is an on-going effort to restore the buildings and grounds with a lot of work yet to be done. It was quite fascinating and everyone seemed to enjoy our time there. I really appreciated everyone coming out to Rochester to joins us.

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We then drove north through some country roads and saw some nice springtime countryside as we made our way out to Metamora in time for our 2:00PM fashionably late lunch. Our destination was the White Horse Inn, which also has a storied history and has just reopened after an extensive renovation. It is really beautiful and the food was very good.  We thank Barbara Skirmants for making these arrangements for us.





The T-5 Karmann Hardtop belonging to Jerry and Ronnee Winegarden. It was great to see them there and we hope to see more of them in  the future.


We had a great turnout – about 22 driving participants and 32 overall. There was even a Porsche Junior 1 cylinder tractor on display across the street from the White Horse Inn.




These Spring Tours are always special for our club – we get a chance to get our cars out and see our friends after a long winter. We even caught Neil smiling! Thanks to everyone that came out.

Dave Preston


One thought on “Spring Tour to The White Horse Inn

  1. Great job everyone! it looks like a great time was had by all, we’re sorry we missed it. See you soon, Diane & Dave Burton.

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