President’s Letter November 2014

Headin' on OutNovember 13th and I was driving through a blizzard this afternoon! While stopped at a light in Birmingham, my front parking sensors started beeping. Huh?! I’m not even moving. Then the warning comes up in the information center to “clean front sensors.” (What—your 356 doesn’t have this stuff?) When I got to my destination I checked and found the bumper encrusted with ice & snow. This global warming is driving me crazy. Tire Rack doesn’t stock Blizzaks in 165R15’s so the Roadster’s remaining days on the road this year are numbered.

We sure had a blast on the Fall Color Tour. It was a gorgeous day with a fine turnout (you know who you are) and we went hare and hound over and around a lovely route through the Irish Hills and environs. The MSU Hidden Lake Gardens were beautiful and enjoyed by all—including many of the folks already there that liked the conga line of 356’s snaking around the winding paths of the grounds. Several onlookers took the opportunity to shoot video as we passed them, adding another dimension to their day in the woods. Other folks milled about the lot where we parked by the conservatory, looking at and photographing a collection of cars they seldom encounter. Then it was off to Dundee for an early dinner with the gang. Thanks Sebastian, another fine event you’ve gotten us into!

Speaking of dinner, our Holiday Party is coming up soon—sooner than many may think. After requests to “change it up” the Board took the membership up on the idea and shook up the party a bit. To kick off the holiday season, our party is scheduled for Sunday, November 23rd (that’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving). We’ve changed not only the date, but the venue and the format as well. We’ll meet and greet at 4:00 at Ginetti’s Hole-in-the-Wall restaurant in downtown Northville. They will accommodate us in a private area where we can mingle and peruse the silent auction items at our leisure. Then we’ll sit down to a seven-course meal, from soup to nuts.

Another change is the elimination of the live auction. No more will we be shaking down the audience for operating funds because the change to the electronic format for the Auspuff Roar has eliminated the expenses related to printing and mailing the magazine. The silent auction will continue because of tradition (and Dennis Denyer’s butter cookies are still in high demand). All can participate in the manner they desire with no pressure. After dinner, we’ll adjourn to the comedy nightclub at Ginetti’s for the floorshow featuring Bob Posch, a long-time local icon. Diane and I have enjoyed him at Duffy’s in Union Lake and we should see a good show on the Sunday.

We know that there have been some significant changes to the Gruppe this year and we hope that it will all be for the better. Through it all, we’re still the same bunch of long-time friends sharing a passion for these iconic automobiles and nothing will change that. Diane and I cherish the friendships that have developed over the years in the 356 Motor Cities Gruppe and we look forward to seeing all of you in two weeks. Let the holidays begin!


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