Presidents’ Letter Summer 2014


Summer is finally here!  One thing can certainly be said about the folks of the Midwest; we are resilient.  The Gruppe made it through the record winter and the soaking-wet spring and turned out to celebrate at Lanita’s Spring Tour.  Once we got the crowd together at the jumping-off point, the route was out and around the very picturesque lakes area from Walled Lake southwestward, including South Lyon and Whitmore Lake.  We passed a caravan of Porsches from the SEM/PCA running a reciprocal route before stopping for lunch.  Lanita arranged a good restaurant with a perfect private dining area that held our gang and the menu offered something for everyone.  Great job Lanita!

Next event on the schedule is the Summer Picnic.  We’re reprising last year (because Diane needs me to clean the garages again) at our house in White Lake.  The date is Sunday August 3rd and the Gruppe will take care of the entrée and main side dishes along with water and soft drinks.  Please plan to bring an appetizer, salad or dessert to share and any special beverage that you like.  Please arrive at 1:00pm and if you are driving your 356, come on up the driveway, parking will be on the lawn, LeMans style.  If you’re driving something else, please park on the street and walk up, as space is limited.  Don’t let the weather concern you (although we have ordered a perfect day) as dining is indoors like last year.  Come one, come all—let’s party!  Please RSVP to 248-698-3045 or via email to

We may be beholden to automobiles that were last produced almost 50 years ago but the Board has noticed that our members do embrace new technology.  As a result of this dichotomy, Sebastian has been working very hard on bringing our club communication into the new millennium.  As a result, this will be the last issue of the Auspuff Roar that will be assembled by Sebastian, sent to the printer, individually labeled, and subjected to the vicissitudes of the USPS enroute to you.  Sebastian has managed to remove all the middlemen and save the club a fortune by building an online Auspuff Roar.

 To receive the online version, go to and then look in the bottom right of your screen and elect to “follow” the site.

Then, every time something is posted, you’ll be alerted and the experience will become much more continuous.  You can also post comments and follow threads within the site.  Like before, you will be able to send articles, stories and photos to our beloved editor and he’ll be able to pass it along to all of us much quicker.  The site also allows posting of video so our Auspuff Roar 2.0 will continue to grow with our member’s experiences.  We will also have the ability to archive, so the body of work will grow with time.  You can also add the site to your bookmarks and access the site via computer, tablet and/or smartphone so you’ll always have the AR at hand.  Sebastian has put a lot of thought, time and effort into this, like his stewardship of the printed Auspuff all these years.  Please thank Sebastian when you see him, we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

The Board has enthusiastically embraced this evolution and we look forward to improved communication, more timely articles, richer pictorials and a user-friendly online hub for the 356 Motor Cities Gruppe.  Please make sure that both Sebastian and Barbara have your correct email address.

See you on the road,


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